Our locations, factory and offices

Our USA warehouse located in Garfield NJ. Our factory is located in Turkey. We are not a third party reseller. We are direct manufacturer and seller. Therefore providing our mosque community with the best optimum quality carpets at the lowest prices.

For decades Musalla Carpets have provided exquisite patterns and designs to mosques all around the world. Just as each mosque is precisely constructed with its own details and architectural appeal, our carpets are designed with their own unique characteristics that breathe life into its selected space.

The Musalla Carpets brand originated in Turkey. For last twenty years we have furnished mosques throughout Europe and Middle Eastern countries. Then began serving our U.S. based customers in (2010).

Each carpet is 100% designed and manufactured in Turkey, guaranteeing impeccable quality. We are improving and adapting our productions for the new technology.

Designing and Choosing Colors

It’s easy to serve our customers because they share our values. Rich cultural designs pay homage to ancient traditions, and each buyer has the option to customize the size and design of their desired mosque carpet.

Aesthetic detailing reflects the diversity of the cultures we serve. We strive to help you find the appropriate mosque carpet that is most significant to the tone of your space.

Our Newest Yarn Production

We use the premium heat set polypropylene yarn in our US and Canadian Market. We use 2000 dTex, 3.8kg per sq meter, yarn. The maximum loom is 880,000 point per sq meter. You will get the most durable heaviest carpet with this production method. Carpet machines also can make 1,100,000 and 1,440,000 points. But this option, the factories must reduce the weight of the yarn to 1400 – 1600 dTex. But we do not recommend this quality to high traffic places, since its life span is less than 880,000 points used with 2000 dTex yarn.


To date Musalla Carpets has sold over 2,250,000 sq. feet of carpet. Our each transaction we made sure that you will not face any issue from your Fire Department or Building Department approvals. We are proud to announce that our mosque carpets have passed the proper inspection for both U.S. and Canadian Fire Department approval.

Our factory is randomly observed by major inspections bureau and the approval of proper certification and achievements are awarded to us.