How to buy a carpet?


How to buy a carpet? It is a common question for most people.

However a simple question has no answer whatsoever. At, we try to answer your questions with the best of our skills and knowledge. We believe that knowledgeable customers are usually happy about their purchases. We also think it is easier to deal with consumers who have no information. Again, we treat all our customers with honesty, with high quality customer service.
It’s okay! Let’s see what you are looking for on a Persian rug.

1) What is your budget?

Answer: Check your budget; Decide how much money you are willing to spend buying a taplet.

2) Do you know what size of carpet you are looking for?

Answer: Please do not think about the size of the carpet! This is one of the main problems for the purchase. Take with you a measuring tape and define the width and length of the area. Where are you considering putting your carpet? You and the seller save money and time.

3) Where is the carpet made?

Answer: We believe that the best quality is hand knotted in IRAN. Why? The type of knots (Persian knots) are different from any other carpet that is not made in IRAN. Wool quality is different. For that reason, the price of a Persian Royal rug that is made in IRAN is much higher than an Indu copy. In addition the Royal Persian Carpets are still more attractive.

4) How many knots per square inch?

Answer: First, you must understand the concept of knots and because that is very important. For example, the Tribes rugs do not have structure with the number of knots. For carpets of cities using knots as an indication of value has more logic. As well as the number of knots usually increases the quality and price of the carpets will also improve. There are two units that have been used for node count.

RAJ (Number of knots in 7 centimeters)

KPSI (Number of knots per square inch)
The formula for converting RAJ to KPSI is:

[(RAJ / 7) x2.54] ^ 2 = KPSI

For example in 30 Raj Kashan will have:

[(30/7) * 2.54] ^ 2 = 118 KPSI

5) How old is the Carpet?

Answer: The carpets vary depending on age. The older the carpet, the more usually it has more value. Be sure not to get or buy a carpet washed with chemicals. Unfortunately, there are vendors who still practice this method and wash them with chemicals they make their carpets lust like old ones. The correct term for this process should be “Old Carpet”.

6) What is the seller’s┬áreturn policy?

Answer: A reputable seller usually has a good return policy. They usually let you return the carpet in two weeks. If you buy from the virtual store (internet) Usually you are responsible for shipping and insurance. Always check the Return Policies or guarantees.

7) They washed the carpet before selling it?

Answer: Not a bad idea, most carpets are now washed before being sold. Washing a handmade rug should be done by professionals. Do not try to do it at home. Always ask your local salesperson. They are the best resource to know how to wash it.

8) What does a “Real Persian Rug” mean?

Answer: Does it mean that the rug is knotted by hand in IRAN and is not a copy made in Pakistan, India, Turkey or God knows where? That is a big controversy, although they look the same but they are not. Carpets that are made in IRAN have different type of coloration. They are usually painted with plant colors and the type of Persian knots are different). If you have very little budget a copy is the most economical solution, but if you are looking for something that maintains its color and quality for a long time, buy a “Real Persian carpet“.

9) If you change your mind for any reason, how long after the purchase can you return it?

Answer: We think that two weeks is enough time for a client to change his mind for any reason

10) Do they have Certificate of authenticity for the carpet?

Answer: Always ask for a certificate of authenticity for your carpet, if you want to sell it in a future the certificate adds value.

11) How can I check the vendors’ reputation?

Answer: Always check Where you are buying your carpet. Ask your friends the recommendations are the best advertisement. This is especially true if you are looking to buy carpets at internet auctions such as eBay, yahoo. Check the communication of the seller. Always check with your local salesman first. If you find a piece that you like is convenient to buy, just consider that the price is usually 2 to 5 times higher than the Internet. Check damages, stains, and odors, do not feel sorry for asking!

Latest recommendations:

When you are looking for an antique rug.Check the stains or any damage. Just be sure the seller notifies you. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is … Be smart and do your homework to check before …
Do not fool yourself, if someone offers you a 50 year old Tabriz rug with 600 (Knots per Square Inch) for $100. Be cautious!
Do your work before betting on any rug of any person.
We at have been in business for many years selling Persian carpets. All carpets and rugs we represent are 100% hand woven and made in IRAN. You can return the carpet within 5 days after purchase. All of our rugs are washed before being sold. We will issue you a Certificate of Authenticity for all your carpets. We are always available for all your questions. If you still have more questions, just ask. If you want to evaluate your knowledge about Persian carpets take our stellar examination

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