How to Care for Carpets as a Professional

The carpets lend us comfort,

warmth, comfort and in many occasions also fulfill only a decorative function that complements the rest of the environment. Especially in the latter case, knowing the techniques to care for carpets in a professional way can be very advantageous to extend its life.

4 basic care

For many professional tricks you apply there are basic care that can not be overlooked, otherwise your carpets will not resist too much, keep in mind:

  1. Ideally enter without shoes to the area where there is carpet
  2. Lay mats at the entrances
  3. Aspirate frequently
  4. Do not use any product to clean

Respond quickly to spills

Accidents never fail and if something spills on your carpet, you should try to clean it immediately to avoid its adherence in the fabric. Do it using an absorbent towel or paper towels, press on the stain until it has absorbed all the liquid


Place a path on the carpet

One way to prevent carpet from deteriorating more in those parts that are more trafficked daily is to place a kind of cut or path on the carpet that can be from the same carpet.

Keep air filters clean
Few people take into account this small-great detail, it is important because if there is environmental dust or this is not captured properly, it will definitely fall on your carpet.

If you have a pet …
Vacuuming carpets is very important to keep them in good condition, but if you have pets it is more. The dander that the animals loose, the hairs and possible dirt that they bring on their legs, will make your carpet last less time if you do not aspire in depth and regularly.

Professional Cleaning

f you want your carpet does not deteriorate and always looks good, it is best to call a professional cleaning service once a year.

How to vacuum a carpet

This may seem obvious, however it is not because doing so effectively will make the difference in how long your carpet can last.

Always do it from top to bottom in case of sloped or staircase floors.
Change the vacuum cleaner bag before it is completely full.
Whenever you aspire, it is better to have the whole surface clear of obstacles.
Adjust the vacuum cleaner to the proper height.