How to Choose the Perfect Carpet

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A carpet can change the decor of a room.

And it’s an easy and affordable solution to gain warmth and color. We help you choose the most suitable for your home. Take a walk through our photo gallery, grab ideas and get inspired for your home.

Queens of warmth

Carpets are an effective decorative element. They elegantly dress any room, transmit warmth, heat insulation and, moreover, are a solution to delimit spaces. In the living room, you can help differentiate the living area from the dining room.

Natural or synthetic?

It depends on the use you want to give them and the budget you have. Woven with natural fibers are more classic and valuable, so they are the perfect complement to give an exclusive air to any space. But acrylic, propylene or nylon carpets are more affordable.

Wool carpets, a classic

They offer texture, durability and comfort. The most precious ones are knotted by hand and made in looms of artisan form: each piece is unique. The newest ones, like those of felt, are very original and give a more modern air.

Cotton, handy and cool

Comfortable and functional, cotton carpets fit perfectly in informal environments and in rooms such as the children’s bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. In addition, being so cool, they are ideal for the summer months. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that its light weight requires that you place under a non-slip base.

The new materials

Plastic materials such as PVC, polyethylene or vinyl are also trend. Resistant to stains and moisture, they are great for areas of the house such as the kitchen. They are also ideal for outdoors, as they are not spoiled by exposure to the sun or rain. You can also choose from many colors and shapes.


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