Wool Carpets: What You Should Know

Wool carpets have not always been used

in the same way but their use has been adapted to the needs of different cultures and civilizations. Although we do not know when was the exact origin, if we know that wool carpets emerged as a solution of the nomadic tribes to protect in their stores from the sudden temperatures.

As the years went by, wool carpets have become what they are today, undoubtedly the most popular of all carpets, justly well-known fame that of course responds to a number of technical characteristics of this desired natural fiber Make of the wool the most suitable for the preparation not only of Carpets but of many other textiles.

Buying wool carpets is to buy carpets of seductive appearance, delicious texture that also exert as regulators of the humidity and therefore of the temperature, which means that against what many people believe, its use is recommended both in winter as in summer.

Thanks to the flexibility and elasticity of this natural fiber, wool carpets are very resistant to deformation due to the use and their aging is slower and natural than that of carpets of synthetic fibers.

But if you still do not convince yourself of the above, keep in mind that wool carpets do not produce allergies, their maintenance is simpler than other types of carpets, they are hardly flammable and of course when buying wool carpets you are buying ecological carpets … Enough arguments?