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MARBLE SKY BLUE Carpet Cove Base by feet

MARBLE SKY BLUE Carpet Cove Base by feet

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Instead of using a cheap plastic cove base you can use these original matching color and quality as cove base around the masjid. The design will have complete for a beautiful aesthetic look for long years.

Price is per linear feet.

Measure each edge and uniform the total. You can add 5 to 10 feet for the extra.

Installation is very easy. You will just glue this carpet cove base along the wall borders after the carpet installation done. This cove base will give the masjid a clean look.

Glue: You can use Roberts 3095-1 Carpet Adhesive. You can buy it from Amazon for a very low price.


Paid orders are shipped in 1 business day.

Care Instructions

Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off dust and dirt regularly.

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best prayer musalla mosque carpet in usa and canada.

Buy the Best !

We have tested numerous productions to find the best carpet quality needed for a mosque. When you are on sajda your forehead feels the softness of our carpet, plus, the yarn is very strong for long lasting years. This is our unique production technique.


    880,000 point with 2000 dtex premium yarn is off-course better than 1,200,000 point 1600 dtex thin yarn. You won't be disappointed when you buy ours.


    Our yarn is produced by well-known factory that supplies yarn to Safavieh, Crate-Barrel Home, Mohawk, ABC Carpet Home. You should feel safe and confident about your choice.